If you have a comment or question:

Unfortuately sheer volume of email has limited my ability to respond.
Until recently I answered every email, costing me a substantial amount of time.
So, before you mail me, use the checklist below to decide if i'm likely to answer:


    • You are a learner with unusual circumstances and need advice - you are welcome to contact me
    • You want your name translated into Chinese - please go elsewhere
    • You want an on-line Chinese course - these are no substitute for book study so I don't cover them
    • You want a tatoo in Chinese - ask a Chinese tatooist
    • You are visiting China and need to learn some basic words first - buy yourself a phrasebook
    • You are about to adopt a Chinese baby and need cultural information - I'll be happy to try and help
    • You are starting to do business in China and need some advice - I'll be able to help, on a consultation (fee) basis
    • You have a suggestion for the site - please let me know
    • You have a foolproof learning technique - let me know, but I try and review, not advertise


Please be sensitive - I maintain this in my spare time, and it is definitely not a commercial venture.

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